HighWire’s Big Move Into Belfast: Internationalizing Customer Service

HighWire opened its first international office, in Belfast Northern Ireland, just a few weeks ago. Anytime an industry leader does something for the first time — especially after twenty years — it is worth asking why, why now, why here, and for whom.  During HighWire’s spring publisher’s meeting in London last week I sat down with Dan Filby, HighWire’s CEO, who spearheaded this launch, and asked him these questions and more. Continue reading

“Format-neutral”: Why doesn’t every journal accept submissions this way?

Attracting and retaining authors is a significant goal for HighWire’s publishers: based on our survey of publisher priorities, this comes out at the top!   So it is not surprising that editors and publishers spend time understanding what authors want, and what the barriers are to great experiences with a particular journal.   Especially with increasing competition, this is not just an abstract “feel good” or a “do your best” kind of thing. If authors routinely go elsewhere, you may see a decline in quality submissions, with the obvious subsequent effect on impact.

There have been studies – both anecdotal and survey – of what matters to authors in deciding where to submit their work.   And these largely confirm what we know about the decision-making around submission.   Scholarly Kitchen author Rick Anderson described his manuscript submission experience, and it wasn’t pretty. Continue reading