Data, What is it Good For? Success…that’s what

Our world is driven by data. You may THINK that you decided to buy a new blue sweater at the mall last Thursday, but in fact the retailer analyzed data that drove marketing that ultimately lead you to purchase that sweater at the specific time and place that you bought it. Like it or not, it’s a fact of (business) life.

Data drives every aspect of other businesses, and of course we use it in ours as well after all, scholarly publishing is as much a business as it is a service to science. But are we using data enough; do we have the right data; and are we looking at the results in a meaningful way? Continue reading

CSE & SSP 2016: a Brief Comparison of Scholarly Publishing’s Big US Meetings

For many years I’ve attended both the CSE and SSP Annual Meetings – not both meetings every year, but very often I’ve attended each of them. And anyone who has done this duathlon knows that they are very close together on the calendar. That being said, they are, without question, very worth the time, energy and resources devoted to attendance. Given that these two meetings occurred only a couple of weeks ago, or in other words, we’ve just emerged from what a good friend of mine from within scholarly publishing refers to as “deb season”, I thought it would be nice to do a brief reflection and a bit of a compare and contrast. Continue reading